About the Course:

Digital securities issuance is on the rise in the equity and real estate financing industries. This course teaches in line with the local and global regulatory environment and the underlying capital markets provide a future industry outlook, exposing students to new tokenization practices that provide promise for more liquidity and security. Topics explored include real estate investment models, the security token offering timeline, and tax structuring for investors. If you are new to the blockchain space, you can benefit from this practical course on all the aspects of digital security offerings. This course does not require any prior knowledge of real estate or finance.

Course Outline

  • 10 weeks online

  • 1 hour per week

  • Weekly live interactive sessions

  • Taught by industry experts

  • Taught in English

What the course covers?

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover during our 10-session* seminar:

  • Alternative models for real estate financing

  • Blockchain, tokenization, and the emerging big picture

  • Crowdfunding and other diversified financing platforms

  • Valuation and its central role in tokenization

  • Smart contracts as applied to escrow and beyond

  • International regulation, taxation, and secondary market trade

  • Use cases for blockchain in other businesses – and how those may affect real estate

Whom it's recommended?

The course is developed for participants coming from different backgrounds who are looking to learn about the benefits of tokenization for their business. The course is highly practical, and students will develop a step-by-step plan for tokenization should it be the right step for their business. We will use real estate as the main use case and students of various backgrounds have the opportunity to learn about real estate investment and various models of real estate finance. Highly recommended for:

  • Founders of innovative businesses

  • Analysts and investors

  • Professionals working in investments

  • Real estate investors and funds

  • Real estate developers sponsors

  • Hedge Fund Managers

  • Green Energy Professionals


CEO & Co-founder SolidBlock

Yael Tamar

This web seminar is facilitated by Yael Tamar, an internationally-recognized blockchain strategist, storyteller, speaker, advisor, and mentor. Yael is the CMO & Partner at SolidBlock, an end-to-end platform for asset tokenization, as well as regional co-chair of FIBREE, a 3000-member global organization combining blockchain and real estate expertise. Yael’s business focus is on STOs, Security Token Offerings, a fundraising vehicle involving securities backed by real estate and other assets. When she’s not traveling all over the world to speak at blockchain or finance conferences and networking events, she lives in Tel Aviv.


Solidblock transforms real estate into a financial product that can be traded, using blockchain to establish the asset's financial history, increase its liquidity and ensure optimal growth of the base asset via our data-driven platform. Last year Solidblock tokenized the 1st commercial property in the world in Aspen, Colorado, enabling a raise of $18M for the prestigious St. Regis Resort, a Marriott brand. We are now collaborating with real estate developers, sponsors and investors to streamline property transactions and make fantastic real estate projects a reality.

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